Veterinary Behavior at Illinois


Hear what people have said about their experience with Veterinary Behavior at Illinois:


Romeo and DottyDr. Ballantyne helped our dogs Romeo and Dotty feel so much more comfortable in the world. She is kind; during the consult she and her staff made sure Romeo and Dotty were comfortable. Their follow-up consults showed such wonderful improvement—they are both leading much happier lives.

—Charmaine A.


Dr. Ballantyne is a life-saver! She helped me and my husband learn how to care for our little dog Chachi and his fear-based aggression. Chachi is a happier dog because of what we learned and the positive reinforcement techniques we use to love and help him!

—Leslie M.

We brought our dog, Maya, to Dr. Ballantyne as a last resort. Maya suffered extreme separation anxiety and we tried everything. I wasn’t too excited about putting Maya on meds to help her but after meeting with the team, they walked us through everything and we found a dose that worked miracles on Maya. … She is doing amazing! Still same sweet Maya but much calmer. She is now able to stay home alone without pacing, barking the whole time, urinating everywhere, and scratching. They really gave us hope and encouragement the whole way!

—Aimee and Ted P.

TawnyI rescued my beloved labradoodle Tawny in October 2015 who had mild separation anxiety and would cry/howl every time I left her home alone. I was in need of assistance and so thankful I found Dr. Ballantyne and Tiana to help us put together a plan of action for myself and Tawny. We have been extremely successful with the plan. And now separation anxiety is a thing in the past and Tawny is thriving and happy in her new home.

—Michelle K.

Referring Veterinarians

You improved Luke’s quality of life and that of the other family dog and the human family. Luke’s first veterinarian had recommended euthanasia because of behavior problems so the family changed vets. When Luke became more aggressive [our veterinary clinic] sent him to see you. He became a much happier dog for the remainder of his life because of your advice. … Two family friends saw how much happier Luke was and sought therapy for their own anxiety disorders. Three families have a better quality of life because of you.

—Referring veterinarian