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Veterinary Medicine at Illinois ... in Chicago

Serving Students, Pets, and Vets in Chicago

Since 2009, the college has offered veterinary services for dogs and cats at 2242 West Harrison Street, about two miles west of downtown Chicago in the Illinois Medical District.

As the most visible part of the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine, the Harrison Street facilities allow the college to better serve the pet owners and veterinary professionals in the state’s population center while opening new opportunities for recruiting and training students.

[Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois front door]

The Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois is committed to the highest standards of medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment and to a “low stress” philosophy in all interactions with dog and cat patients.

Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois, which delivers primary care services for dogs and cats, is a busy urban practice where veterinary students gain experience that can’t be duplicated at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana.

Here students learn about speed and accuracy of diagnosis; client relation skills to develop a bond with pet and owner; low-stress handling of patients to ensure pet—and owner—are eager to return; and best practices in marketing and business processes.

Clients identify with the Illinois brand and the clinic’s pet-centered focus, from Halloween costume parties for pets to social media interactions. A dog trainer, who works closely with Veterinary Behavior at Illinois, holds classes in the clinic after hours. The clinic is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association.

Veterinary Behavior at Illinois is committed to providing evidence-based, humane, and non-confrontational treatment for serious behavioral issues in dogs and cats. This service is also located in the Harrison Street facilities.

Between 2012 and 2016, the Harrison Street facility also housed VSC at Illinois, an entrepreneurial collaboration between the college and Veterinary Specialty Center, a large specialty practice headquartered in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. That clinic offered referral specialty services, including advanced surgery, oncology, and internal medicine, for dog and cat patients as well as 24/7 emergency care.

A satellite office of the college’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is located within the Veterinary Specialty Center’s Buffalo Grove clinic.


Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois

Veterinary Behavior at Illinois