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A Message From Our Campaign Chairs

Dear College community member,

If you are like us, you are here because you care. You care about our veterinary students and graduate students who are training to become the leaders of tomorrow. You care about the animal patients being treated at our respected hospital. You care about human and animal patients around the world who will benefit from biomedical discoveries made here.

Whether you are a faculty member or staff member, you show that you care about the College of Veterinary Medicine by working hard to advance the teaching, service, and research activities of the College.

As co-chairs of the 2009 Faculty-Staff Campaign, we would like to invite you to further demonstrate your commitment to the College by making a gift to support a College program of your choice. Throughout the Campaign, which runs April 8 to May 4, we will encourage you to explore the opportunities to give and learn how your gift will make a positive impact.

Our goal is securing your participation rather than a certain size of gift. In the last fiscal year, gifts of $25 and under to College funds added up to over $25,000! Every gift makes a difference—you make a difference.

Attached you will find a pledge form and short list of College funds. For more information about the Faculty-Staff Campaign, program funds, and ways to give please visit You can also contact us or Heather Nelson-Zorn at or 5-0210.

Thank you in advance for joining us in your support, and thank you for making a difference!


Dr. Anne Barger
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory/Department of Pathobiology
Faculty-Staff Campaign Co-Chair

Amanda Matson
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Faculty-Staff Campaign Co-Chair

P.S. Please look around the College for posters highlighting College funds and the important work that these funds makes possible. It all starts with a gift, like yours.