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Featured Practice: Arrow Animal Hospital

Name:   Wayne R. AndersonArrow Animal Hospital
Year Degree Received:   1979
Years at Current Location:  26 years at first location (18 Practices, 65 doctors of which 27 are partners)
Specialty/Type of Practice:  Small Animal

What are the biggest challenges/rewards of your practice?
Continuing to improve in medicine and surgery via knowledge, equipment and technology while continuing an essential successful business model. This includes successful coaching and mentoring staff allies, associates and partners.

What are some of your favorite memories from your time as a DVM student at Illinois?
The original OTS house which was somewhat like Animal House – a good mix of 1st through 4th year vet students. Interacting with the wide range of personalities on the teaching staff.

What lessons did you take away from your DVM education and how have they applied to your practice?

Don’t let a negative or poor personality, of a specific professor get in the way of gaining the knowledge they do have to offer.  In the real world you can learn a lot from people you don’t like or know very well.

Were you involved in any student clubs or organizations?

OTS – otherwise, there were not a lot of clubs for just vet students, or students who did not did not do their undergrad at Illinois. Vet students did have teams for university intramural sports.

Are you currently involved with the University of Illinois? Do you have a favorite fund to support?

Mostly, but not often enough. University of Illinois Veterinary College Funds.

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