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2013 Faculty-Staff Campaign- Thanks to our Team!


Campaign Co-chairs

Joe KunkelDr. LeRoy Biehl, retiree, professor emeritus

"I believe the faculty/staff campaign is a good cause since we, the retirees, all have been supported and have close ties to the CVM over the last 50 plus years.  I began as a student in 1954 and spent 26 years on the faculty, making me pretty familiar with almost all the retirees, academic, academic professionals and support staff. They are a very good bunch and I am personally proud of all of their accomplishments since I have known them.  The College of Veterinary Medicine is a top school made possible by these folks."

Dr. LeRoy Biehl – representing retired Faculty employees

Dr. Amber LabelleDr. Karen Campbell, Veterinary Clinical Medicine

"An old proverb says “Charity begins at home” and certainly in this era of declining support from the state we see many areas where additional funds are needed throughout the College of Veterinary Medicine.  Through giving to meet these needs we have the opportunity to help support the wildlife clinic, to improve the quality of education for students or lessen their debt burden, to help those in great need such as the indigent and those in crisis situations needing care for their pets, to support research to find better treatments for diseases, or provide funding to meet many other needs and projects. Every gift helps -- together we can make a difference in the lives of others."

Dr. Karen Campbell – representing Faculty employees

Judy SimsRyan Hanna, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

“I hope we all will contribute to the faculty/staff campaign to show our continued support to the Veterinary field.  We all love animals and this is our way of showing support to their welfare and needs."

Ryan Hanna - representing Civil Service employees

Ginger PassalaquaGinger Passalaqua, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

“I accepted the invitation to serve as a co-chair for the faculty/staff campaign because I never wanted to be a veterinarian or a veterinary tech, but I loooove animals. Regardless of the occasional madness & frustration that comes out of work, the Teaching Hospital is doing what I never had the academic interest to pursue. Since I can’t physically help the animals that visit us, I try to give and participate when I can. Attending the Wildlife Medical Clinic fund raiser became an annual event for me, my husband and our friends. It was a fun, social event with a terrific side effect: investing in the care of all those critters that me and the public want so badly to save. So how could I turn down the “We are Vet Med” campaign when it gives so much to what I love the most?”

Ginger Passalacqua – representing Academic Professional employees

If you have any questions about your donation or the funds listed, please contact Heather Vazquez at 217-333-2761 or