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2013 Faculty-Staff Campaign: Funds to Support


Achievement Fund

AchievementThe Achievement Fund serves as unrestricted funds for the dean for support of student, faculty, and staff activities. Gifts to this fund support the veterinary library, student activities and scholarships, awards, equipment and computer purchases, and special events for alumni and friends. (334415)


Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine

Chicago Center for Vet MedThe Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine Fund supports the College's ongoing presence in Chicago.(334317)


Clinical Skills Learning Center

Clinical Skills Learning CenterClinical Skills Learning Center to accumulate valuable veterinary experience, building competence and confidence in their clinical skills. Donations to the Center will cover the expenses of new teaching tools and medical equipment such as microscopes, surgical instruments, fluid pumps, and suture boards and computers and video equipment, educational software and videos.(335908)


CARE Helpline Fund

CARE Pet Loss HelplineThe Companion Animal Related Emotions Helpline (CARE Helpline) is a telephone service that aids individuals in dealing with the grieving process associated with losing a beloved companion.  Your gift to the CARE Helpline will help to ensure that there is always someone available to ease the sorrow that comes with loss, and that veterinary students have an opportunity to develop their compassion and communication skills so they will be more effective practitioners. (330732)


Friends of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Veterinary Teaching HospitalThe Friends of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Fund supports overall hospital needs. Gifts may be designated for a particular specialty area or section. (334406)


General Scholarship Fund

General Scholarship FundThis General Scholarship Fund supports scholarships that make a great difference for a number of veterinary students – a difference that can significantly improve their veterinary school experience. “Your contribution goes a long way toward helping me realize my dream of becoming a veterinarian. Coming to the University of Illinois from out of state, the cost of tuition represents a significant hurdle. Due to your scholarship I am able to focus more completely on my studies and less on the financial burden.”  - 1st year student.(344271)


Humane Connection Fund

Humane Connection FundThe Humane Connection Fund is dedicated to allowing veterinarians to ‘go the extra mile’ for patients whose owners have limited means. Donations to this fund also benefit students by allowing them to be involved in providing the highest level of care for their patients. Your donation to the Humane Connection Fund will be used for deserving—and occasionally extraordinary—causes and will help ease some of the financial and emotional turmoil of cases.(331042)


Pathobiology Graduate Student Fund

The Pathobiology Graduate Student Fund supports graduate students enrolled in the Pathobiology graduate program.


Pathobiology Unrestricted Fund

The Pathobiology Unrestricted Fund provides support for the department that is not limited to particular uses. (775226)


A Pet's Place Fund

A Pet's PlaceA Pet’s Place provides a valuable service for people in desperate need of support. Victims of domestic abuse sometimes refuse to flee their homes out of fear of what will become of their beloved companion animals. A Pet’s Place is a safe haven for such animals – and a crucial step towards safety for victims of abuse.(330888)


Rathgeber Academic Professional Excellence Award Fund

The Rathgeber Academic Professional Excellence Award Fund recognizes exemplary performance and professionalism.(772882)


Shirley Seets Endowment Fund for Veterinary Staff Improvement

The Shirley Seets Endowment Fund for Veterinary Staff Improvement funds the award which is given annually to one individual who has demonstrated excellence in overall job performance and service.(773460)


Stafford Clark-Price Memorial Feline Compassion Award

orange catThe Stafford Clark-Price Memorial Feline Compassion Award recognizes a student that demonstrates compassion and care towards feline patients. (770832)



Veterinary Biosciences Unrestricted Fund

Veterinary BiosciencesThe Veterinary Biosciences Unrestricted Fund supports travel to meetings for students and staff and computer lab enhancements.(336107).


Veterinary Clinical Medicine General Fund

The Veterinary Clinical Medicine General Fund supports general departmental activities.(334404)


Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory General Fund

Diagnostic LabThe Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory General Fund supports general diagnostic laboratory activities.(332181)


Wildlife Medical Clinic Fund

Wildlife Medical ClinicThe Wildlife Medical Clinic provides medical care to sick or injured wild animals so that they can be returned to the wild. And the hands-on experience students gain enhances learning. The clinic is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed by volunteers, and funded entirely through donations.(334522)

Download a full list of funds here.