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Facilities Services Overview

J. Kunkel, DirectorJ. Kunkel, Director – Lead contact for college-wide planning and construction & oversight for all facilities services; C. Miller – Veterinary Basic Sciences Building facilities and inventory; J. Keyes – LAC/SAC specialized hospital facilities; R. Hickey – Basic Sciences shipping/receiving.

The Facilities Services staff members oversee the day-to-day operation, planning, construction, and maintenance projects for the College and have primary responsibility for buildings and grounds utilized by all areas of Veterinary Medicine. The Director serves as the college-level liaison to the Campus units of Facilities and Services, the Division of Animal Resources, and the Division of Research Safety.  The Facilities office works to coordinate project planning and remodeling college-wide; coordinates with the Campus Facilities & Services office; solicits and secures timely bids; works with outside contractors; and assists in planning and oversight for laboratory remodeling.  Facility Services oversees the college-wide inventory management for all equipment and fixtures, supports college vehicles, and manages shipping/receiving for the Basic Sciences building.  The University inventory audit is conducted by Facilities, as well as, Campus space reports.

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