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This past spring, the College initiated a study to strengthen the College functions in the area of finance and human resource management services to increase efficiency and implement best practices while working within increasing financial and staffing constraints.  The resulting Finance and Human Resources Assessment report recommended a shared services approach for human resources and employee relations, with a minimum standard level of support to all departments that ensures policy compliance and employee relations expertise and varying degrees of enhanced transaction processing support dependent on identified needs per unit/department.

Reporting to Administrative Services, the HR Service Center (HRSC) in the College of Veterinary Medicine has been established with Deanelle Payne serving as manager of the service center.  The HRSC will provide comprehensive human resource services college-wide to its employees and management; provide a depth of concentrated expertise in human resource policy application and compliance, employment processing, payroll, employee relations, and HR systems/ reporting.  The HRSC also serves as a strategic partner with the departments and is the primary liaison to Campus and University Human Resources.  At this time, Pathobiology will retain employment transaction processing and payroll for their department.

Employees retain their relationship with their current management structure.  Supervisors, department heads, and managers will continue to be the initial point of contact for employee relation issues, with involvement of the HRSC as appropriate.

The HRSC team consists of Deanelle Payne, Kathy Reinhart, Sheila Voyles and Jess Bengtson (20%) who possess experience, knowledge, and the commitment to maintain a high standard of performance and proficiency in providing service. 

Deanelle Payne Policy compliance & employee relations   282 SAC mornings; 3234b afternoons
Kathy Reinhart Employee transaction & payroll processing 3439a VMBSB
Sheila Voyles      Employee transaction & payroll processing 280 SAC
Jessica Bengtson     Office administrative support; leaves; searches 3439a VMBSB

Gauging service excellence, staffing needs and making recommendations for improvement of practices and procedures will be provided by a governance board consisting of key stakeholder representatives (e.g., two faculty from the Executive Committee and the members of the CVM Business Council).

Governance Board Members

Faculty representatives from the Executive Committee – Jodi  Flaws , Karen Campbell
Representatives from CVM Business Council – Melissa Johnson, Cindy Dillman
Representative for Academic Professionals– Ben Johnson
Representative for Civil Service staff members – Nancy George
Ex officio - HR Service Center Manager – Deanelle Payne
Ex officio - Assistant Dean for Administration – Ginger Winckler

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